The head of the Economic Security Police wrote: “Because most investors in the field of cryptocurrency work without sufficient knowledge and awareness in this field, it is feared that the assets of compatriots will be exposed to the risks of the cryptocurrency market.”
In a note, Sardar Mohammad Reza Moghimi, the head of the Economic Security Police, warned his compatriots about investing in cryptocurrencies.

The note states:

Activities in cryptocurrency markets are complex and highly specialized operations, and because most investors operate in this field without sufficient knowledge and awareness, it is feared that the assets of compatriots will be exposed to the risks of the cryptocurrency market.

Threats to use the currency code

Loss of national sovereignty

Because the origin of cryptocurrencies is not in the real space and territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and on the other hand, the activity in this field is in the context of cyberspace and the Internet, leads to circumvention of national sovereignty and economic political power and the centrality of exchange tools (money). This technology is taken away and given to the rulers of transnational corporations, making it difficult in terms of disciplinary and judicial proceedings, and most of the money market fluctuations, which are the most basic economic instruments of governance, will depend on the policies of these corporations.

Risk to financial and monetary systems

Due to the diminishing role of regulators and the central bank in transactions, this can be a very serious risk to the monetary and financial system of any country and investors because in this case there is no room for monetary policy and financial transactions will not be monitored.

Legal and regulatory problems are two major obstacles to the digital currency path. Because this technology is so new, the government and the central bank do not yet have specific rules for it, so the laws on taxation, exchange and legitimacy may change, and these uncertainties have made the money invested in digital currency more than Other assets are at risk.

Increased criminal activity

Virtual money, unlike traditional money, does not have clear rules and regulations, and this can be a serious challenge for any government as it opens the door to criminal activity and money laundering; In cryptocurrencies, due to its encrypted nature, the true identity of the sender and receiver remains unknown, allowing violators to enter illicit money into the financial systems of countries through the money laundering process.

Investment security

Due to the shallow depth of the cryptocurrency market and the increase in awareness and luck of new applicants, the cryptocurrency price is very sensitive to news and any positive or negative news can affect the price of these currencies. In such an atmosphere, mass behavior is very visible and can lead to formation. There will be bubbles in different time periods, in addition to the major cryptocurrency holders known as whales to make a profit by dumping and manipulating these markets, many micro-investors lose and cause high volatility in the price of this cryptocurrency. .

Widespread hacking and theft

Welcoming global users of cryptocurrencies has provided a good opportunity for hackers and cybercriminals to steal huge amounts of money by hacking their user accounts and hacking into the platform of digital currency exchanges through massive cyber attacks, in addition to cryptocurrency transactions on a daily basis. They are also hacked, which sometimes leads to the loss of everything.

Digital currency scams

Unfortunately, there are so many scams in the digital currency market, so many people do not do enough research, and scammers react very quickly, even designing fake portals to steal funds from crypto buyers, which is very dangerous for an investor.

human mistake

Human error can occur in any subject, but in digital currency there is a greater chance of error and a small mistake can have bad consequences, so it is easy to make a wrong request or send your currency to the wrong wallet. Or lose access to your account altogether.

You may also make mistakes when managing your currency. If you forget your private keys, you may not be able to access your assets.

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